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B-17 bombardier


The memoirs of Fred Huston


Cadet Fred Huston


It takes only a few pages to realize that Fred Huston's memoirs are unique. How the 18 year old author got into the Reserve Officer Training Corps and regular service in the USAAF, how accomodations, superiors, food and girls (if any) were like is written in lively words with a great portion of obviously needed humor.  Then, also described in vivid detail, what it was like to learn the trade of a bombardier and gunner. And, last not least, his experiences in 35 missions in the nose of a B-17G of the 96 BG (Heavy), 337 BS.   –  In my opinion great literature, covering personal experience, history and technical details alike. Outstanding,  not to be missed!  See also his story about a flight over Germany (see below) - I am very grateful to his son Jeff for granting print permission.

Wilfried Eck
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Copyright Jeff Huston

chapters 1-5

Joining up and first experiences in the US Army Air Force

chapters 6-10

How to become a bombardier

chapter 11 Ferry flight to England

chapters 12-15

Fred Huston goes to war over Europe, 

chapter 16: Service at Midland
bombardier Fred Huston

see also: "East of the Rhine" - a flight over Germany Photos from the Fred Huston collection