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Raised/folded Wings

(Standard park position on carriers)


To make folded wings from usual (poystyrene) plastic will result in a very fragile construction.  Resin parts are only slightly more durable. As inserting resin parts also needs considerable work the isn't much difference to build the whole affair by scratch from the beginning. It's not very complicated once the principle is understood and it's much cheaper!


How to make in principle:

Separate outer from inner wings*.

File edges to form a flat wedge (sheet metal size in the original plane).

* It's easier to cut straight lines then having to move around hinge covers; in this case these parts are cut out afterwards and added to the outer wings.

Get some steel- or brass wire of suitable diameter. It should be strong enough to hold the outer wings in the correct angle, but not so thick as to interfere with theappearance of the original aircraft.  Cut to appropriate length (depending on the available space within the kit parts).

Place wire at the appropriate place (levers of the original a/c) in one upper wing part, cement rectangular pieces of plastic along both sides (thickness same as wire). Cement plastic part of double diameter atop. This should result in a "housing" that secures the wire, but allows the wire to be removed for further handling of the wing part.

Caution! Leave enough room for the bulkhead to be inserted in the next step.

Repeat on all other wing parts.

Usually the inner parts of the folded wings are closed by bulkheads. To get a secure of these parts first cement thin strips of plastic inside the model wing parts in flight direction. Check distance to edges by refering to photos of the original a/c.

Fix upper and lower wing parts temporarily, place one wing part on thin plastic, outline it with a pencil, and cut out. Now file all edges 'till the "bulkhead" fits inside the wing.

Cut out apertures where the wires are to appear.

Mate upper and lower wing parts, insert bulkheads.

Detail according to photos.

Wings in modern a/c are held together by several "eyes" in each wing part, these intermeshing when the wings are spread and held secure by horizontal pins.

How to make these parts see scetches 4a to 4d.

Bend wires to correct angles. Put some glue (not the cyanacrilate variety) on the horizontal wire parts and shove into the holes in the inner wing. Align vertically in side view. Repeat on other inner wing.

Insert outer wing into wires to some degree, add glue and push outer wing to rest in the correct position.

Add missing details (i.e. rods).


If wings are folded horizontally (Grumman types), use only one wire. As  there is a triangular flap on the lower side hanging vertically in the original a/c (otherwise the wings won't fold to the desired position) ) it's wise to make a pin or else stick out a little bit: this is glued into a small hole in the outer wing. Additionally the outer wing may be cemented to the vertical flap. In this way you'll get a very sturdy fix.