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Modeling ABC

by Wilfried Eck

Hi, hello,

These pages are for modelers who, for local or other reasons, are not as interested in club activities, but more so in solid information.

In "Modeling ABC" you will find tips on what to do and what is better not to do. In addition, complete articles, background knowledge.

If you know why the Pacific War went the way it did, you also know why Hellcats with "tail markings" weren't stationed on South Sea islands and Japanese paints weren*t bad. Plus other facts not so well known.

In more than 50 years I have always tried to make my models
(see there) look like the original. I have added details that the manufacturers could not provide and left off what could not be seen on the real aircraft (e.g. (paint chips on wooden wings).

Just have a look at the table of contents.



Wilfried Eck

For some letters I didn't find a topic 'till now. If you know something, just let me know.