Model by Wilfried Eck
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FC Ltd Bf 109CR racing plane
was Academy 1/48

As usual sometimes a kit is bought and then stored for building in the future. And then it rests for decades. But the attempt to sell it was futile. Nobody wanted to have a rare Messerschmitt Bf 109 C (even not for 5 !). As the kit wasn't bad I did not want to throw it into the waste bin. So I imagined what somebody would do when getting knowledge of a real Bf 109 C found in a Russian barn. Though without motor. Let a museum get it or bring this cute little aircraft into air once more? - As the needed early DB-Motor isn't available, the solution was to fit another, easier to get one and make an aircraft for the Reno air races. This necessitated:

For the model a Hasegawa P-51 kit supplied P-51 the nose (it needed only slight trim to fit) and the airscrew (propeller). Rudder, wing tips and auxillary air intake were made from plastic card, the cockpit hood from clear PVC (heated over a toaster and bent over a form from polyester, see page C).