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  Model and photos: Wilfried Eck  

Grumman F9F-5 Panther, Monogram 1/48

For making the Panther to appear realistic in flight the Monogram kit though desplaying accurate outlines needed rework in some places:
For Panther in flight:
  •   Sand trailing edges on wings and rudders to sharp edges (= on wings approx. from half chord backwards).
  • Engrave new aileron and flap hinge lines.
  • Remove raised panel lines.
  • Engrave panel lines where visible in the original plane.
  •  Remove bound. layer fences and insert new ones, cut out from Cola can.
  •  Add details in cockpit and on ejection seat.
  • Make new pilot figurine.
  •  Cut out impressions of position- and navigation lights, insert clear parts (see page Lights).
  • Pitot tube and Antennas steel wire.
  • New machine gun barrels (holding devices made before joining fuselage halves).
Additionally for Panther on the ground with wings folded:
  • Cut out ailerons and insert slightly angled up (look of real machine on ground)