Model by Wilfried Eck
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FJ-4B Fury - HobbyBoss 1/48
Modifications and additions:

Good points:

Not so good:

  • Instrument panel by making instruments with "MS Autoforms", inserted in light gray background (placement according to markings on transparent foil over desktop; these made by underlaid photo of real thing - scanned and stored). Finished intrument panel reduced in size to 2,3 mm, printed on photo paper, cut out and fixed with white glue.
  • Straps, belts and buckles for  ejection seat made from tin foil.
  • Pilot figurine hand made.
  • Sad to say, but I had no idea what  the interior aft of the cockpit looked like (nothing to be found in Ginters publication or elsewhere). In www I found some photos I could use.
  • Wing fences replaced by  thin aluminum sheet (from Cola can).
  • As I couldn't find an appropriate decal in stock the warning chevron was painted and "JET INTAKE"-decal parts applied separately.
  • Take care: Pin on front leg of undercarriage is very thin and therefore prone to bend or break during handling of a/c.

General thoughts and tips for modeling see "Modeling ABC"