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Island Hopping

The terms "island hopping" and "leapfrogging" did not become known to the public until after the end of the war. In a newspaper interview, General Douglas MacArthur, former commander-in-chief of the U.S. Army in the Southwest Pacific area, said. According to this, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (Commander in Chief of the US Navy) had caused high losses with a wrong strategy, while his "leap frogging" and cutting off the Japanese supply by skipping individual islands, had avoided losses. His "island hopping" had been the strategy that brought victory.

Douglas MacArthur had concealed in this statement that, with the exception of the Philippines, islands north of the equator were not part of his area of operations and that "leap frogging", moving in sequence from one coastal position to the next, was a derogatory term used by the U.S. Navy to describe his actions on Papua New Guinea. But the media had its headline, and for lack of better knowledge - Admiral Nimitz never commented on it - island hopping and cutting off enemy supplies became the basis of many more reports.

What strategy was actually used can be read on "Milestones of the Pacific War" until a separate page is published.



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