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National archives (US)

Navy (US)



National archives:

Collection of war memorabilia at Washington, DC.  Photos taken in WW II present a problem, for sometimes they were captioned afterwards without knowledge of the original situation in which the photo was taken. Even worse publishers occasionally take what seems appropriate, so you can see a Japanese "Jill" shot down during the battle of Midway, the label "National archives" guaranteeing authenticity (in truth the B6N "Jill" appeared one and a half years after the battle of Midway). Such mistakes even occur in such otherwise excellent publications like the Monogram series of camouflage and markings of US Navy aircraft.



Natural victim of Army and Air Force. The role of the battleship has been taken over by the aircraft carrier, the atomic bomber role being taken care of by submarines. The rest of the fleet is  relegated to intelligence and support duties (a very important job!).

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Nishizawa, Hiroyoshi:

Pale, sick of malaria and tropical skin disease most of the time, seemingly coldly reserved and taciturn Hiroyoshi Nishizawa nevertheless was most respected by his comrades. Affectionally called "the devil",  unsurpassed in his flying manouvers and undefeated he died in a transport plane on a ferry flight to Clark Field, Manila, in October 26th 1944.  His kill score then amounted to about 85 Allied planes, the exact number will never be known, because kills were credited to the unit and not the individual. In short: The best fighter ace Japan had (surviving an overwhelming number of Allied planes in an inferior aircraft was a feat itself).

One of his most memorable feats was talking his comrades Sakai and Ota into a double of three succesive loops over the Allied airfield of Port Moresby, New Guinea. Lesser so his talents as instructor.

Recommended link (though date of death wrong):