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B-17 bombardier   B-17 Bendix chin turret

B-17 Flying Fortress bombardier:

Memoirs of bold fighter and bomber pilots we know. But not so much from a bombardier. In this case Fred Huston, a bombardier in a B-17G of the 96 BG, 337 BS, describes in lively words, full of historical and technical details and a good portion of humor what experiences he had when joining the USAAF and how he became a bombardier. Naturally he lets us take part in his flights over Europe too.

In my opinion both stories are not only excellently written but also indispensable for their historical and technical value.  I am very grateful to his son, Jeff Huston, for granting permission of publication.

"B-17 bombardier memoirs"
Fred Huston memoirs and novel "East of the Rhine"


B-17 Bendix chin turret:

To overcome inadequate defense against German front attacks the B-17G had got  a chin turret, operated by the bombardier. How this was done and technical details is to be  found in this excellet publication:

Remark: In his memoirs 1th LT Fred Huston states that this turret was of little use in combar so he referred to the socket mounted mchine gun.