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The 3 Barbaras of George H.W. Bush
B-17 Bendix chin turret

The "Barbaras" of Ens../Lt (j.g.) George H.W. Bush:

That George Bush named his TBM-1C Avenger after the name of his girl friend (later wife) Barbara is well known. In reality during his assignment to CVL-30 San Jacinto he flew several aircraft, not only one but three (!) Avengers being named "Barbara". What aircraft he flew in which missions after getting his wings is shown in

The TBM-1C Avengers of of George H.W. Bush in WW II



B-17 Bendix chin turret:

To overcome inadequate defense against German front attacks the B-17G had got  a chin turret, operated by the bombardier. How this was done and technical details is to be  found in this excellet publication:

Remark: In his memoirs bombardier 1th Lt Fred Huston states that in combat the turret tended to jam due to weak electrics so he referred to the socket mounted machine gun.