Modelling-ABC by Wilfried Eck

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X/Y letters




X: Experimental aircraft (i.e. X-15 rocket propelled a/c);  also for prototypes preceding possible series production.

Y: Denotes one step further than experimental, evaluation; if a model is chosen for large scale production the letter Y is deleted (from YF-32 to F-32).

YouTube films:

Mostly instalments in English showing some topic of interest, i.e. aircraft. Additionally on the right side links to related pages. Here are some offers you may like:

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A6M5 Zero Walkaround
A6M5 Zero in flight (Chino, colour)

Airshow "Flying Legends" 2008

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Airshow Chino part 1 of  3

Airshow Red Angels (view from cokpit)

Airshow Red Angels in New York

Airshow Red Angels RIAT 2013

Avro Vulcan sound

B-24H construction in detail (Ford film)
B-24H nose turret in detail

B-29 to Tokyo in color

B-52 Crew and mission

Buccaneer doku

Canberra to WB-57 (part 1 of 4)

Catapult  start on a WW II a/c carrier (official)

Coral Sea, 1th carrier battle in WW II

Crash landings on a/c carriers

DH Mosquito in color (cockpit view)

Do 335 (part 1 of 3)

F/A-18 flight from the rear seat

F-4F Farewell in Wittmund

F4F Wildcat Fighter Tactics instructions (official)

F4U Corsair preflight check

F4U Corsair pilot story (VMF-223)

F6F-3 Hellcat preflight check

F6F Hellcat walkaround and flight (1 of 3)
F-82 (XP-82) Twin Mustang restoration (film)
F-82 (XP-82) Twin Mustang restoration (illustrated text)
F-82 (XP-82) Twin Mustang first flight

F-84H with airscrew

Flying Legends 2008

FM-2 Wildcat preflight and flight (3 parts)

FW 190 A-5 and Me 109 in flight

FW 190 A-5 flight

FW 190 in flight (cockpit view)

HP Halifax crew stations explained

Hurricane doku in color

Ju 88 doku

Kamikaze 1 of 4 (the real story)

MB GQ-7(A) ejection seat in detail

Me 109 and FW 190 in the air

Me/Bf 109 E

Me 109 G-4 airshow-flight

Me 109G-6 start, taxiing and flight (loud)
Me 109 G-10 airshow-flight

Me 262 in detail

Me 262 and Me 109 at  ILA 2012

Midway battle, Japanese perspective

MiG 17 aerobatics

P-38 preflight and flight in color

P-38 Red Bulls

P-39 Flight instructions

P-47 Flight instructions

P-47 in color (helmet camera)

P-47 uncrating and assembling in the field  (official)

P-51 why 40-60 mph faster than a Me 109G?

P-51 in color (helmet camera)

Reno Air Race 2013

Respotting a/c on a WW II carrier (official)

Respotting and maintenance (recolored film)

Spitfire doku

USAAF landings in Switzerland

US Navy film: Landing & Re-Spotting World War 2 Aircraft Carrier Planes in detail
US Navy film: How to catapult aircraft
US Navy film: How to fly a TBF Avenger
TBM-3 Avenger cockpit in color

Victor Bomber in color (sound!)

Wildcat flight (helmet camera)
XP-82 Twin Mustang see F-82
YB-60 and early jet types
180 videos (WW II to modern)