Modelling-ABC by Wilfried Eck

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The genuine one and only object in the world. A miniature replica being called model. In former long times ago a model was considered perfect when it looked like the original. 

Today model magazines deal more with painting, ageing and weathering. Not to forget advice which resin or metal parts are needed to fill all these holes previously cut out.

The worst case being WW II US Navy aircraft. I saw more wrong paint schemes than correct ones. Bougainville stationed Corsairs of VMF-214 being placed upon a carrier deck and Avengers with carrier tail markings placed amongst palm trees, and so on. Not to forget ageing, weathering, panel highlighting and opened panels on a carrier deck. - All this nonsense to be seen in model magazines.

Remarks to colours see page C and German page O.

When there is so much material available, why not use it...? -

Before you begin with a model check all you can get about the original. Simply build what you see!  And forget about the rest.

Maybe these pages can help you a little bit.

If you know something about the original you'll will notice a lot of details which kits can't duplicate or are not represented due to cost calculations. One example being too thick trailing edges. Adding oder correcting these details will keep you busy for quite some time. In the outcome your model will look a little bit different (better I think).

(if you like see page D, "details")